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Our Rat Exclusion Services require two stages of correction work called Phase 1, and Phase 2.   Through Phase 1, we eliminate an existing rat presence, explaining to our clients how rats have arrived. In Phase 2, because the customer requests permanent corrections, we make those corrections. 


Additional Pertinent Information


In the Midwest, there is only one major rat species, Rattus norvegicus, commonly known as the brown rat, but also called Sewer rat, Alley rat and Norway rat. This rat can live anywhere where humans reside. In Chicago, this rat is most often called Alley rat. This name is misleading because, although rats feed in garbage cans, this focus is nowhere near the source of available food supply that Chicago's sewers provide.

Rats use the city's sewer system, both public and its private connections as a super highway within which, they are able to reach any location of the city and its metropolitan suburban outreaches.  Besides the sewer being a staple food source for rats, the sewer is entered and exited by these crafty animals through its brick and mortar composition; taking up actual residence below the City's streets where they develop large rat communities. Street infrastructure is separated from the, now back-filled, vaulted side walks by the fieldstone retaining walls which divide street from sidewalk. Although back-filled in the1960's, the aging fieldstone (rubble stone) retaining walls, built at the turn of this century, still remain and serve to hold the central City's streets and sidewalks in place.

Since sewers have been decaying and decomposing with age, decomposition enhanced by modern day traffic, rats, and in some cases, mice have contributed to the accelerated deterioration process and subsequently, Chicago sewer crews are a familiar site throughout the Chicago's network of streets. The impression passed on to the public that rats are thriving on local garbage and dog feces is merely a deflection from the more serious threat of rats invading private homes and commercial properties from within the sewer connections. It is our vast experience, backed by witness to many hundreds of rat-building invasions, that of most of these occurrences, 9 out of 10 arrived within structures not from the surface but directly via the sewer.



Our experience, in combination with our strict requirement to maintain the highest possible excellent reputation, defies all those that would offer simple programs of bait station placement and regular maintenance scheduling.  Granted that bait stations are a valuable tool in the safer placement of poison baits, they are not the only methodology available to the public.  Attempting to carry on long term rat mitigation for its own sake is akin to maintaining a "forever" killing field above the streets and properties of Chicago.

We at American Pest Solutions, offer anyone, anywhere, an opportunity to debate these claims that we place before the World to read.

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