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Rodent  Control Solutions


Most mouse infestations can be handled with two visits. There are also some rat problems that can be solved in two visits.  Many rat problems call for more permanent solutions.  We locate entry points and make corrections at the source of the problem. In the event correction work will be required to free you permanently of rats re-entering, our corrections division will perform the necessary procedures.

Squirrels and Raccoons


We adhere strictly to a “no trap” policy, since the State of Illinois requires that all trapped animals be euthanized. We evict the animals rather than kill them.  We have been helping Chicago residents rid their homes of squirrels in their attics for over 4 decades!  Chances are, we have worked on your block.

Insects/Bedbugs/General Pest Control (GPC)



When it comes to General Pest Control needs, American Eagle provides real value. That's because we eliminate problems in 1-3 visits in most cases. We also guarantee our work. We know that we will never be the lowest in price, but when you weigh the results with fewer visits, we are a better value. We work with some of Chicago's leading real estate management companies. Come join our long list of satisfied customers.

With Bedbugs, we have been called out to numerous jobs where other companies have failed. It is not uncommon for us to solve problems for people that have lost hope for total elimination, because so many other companies failed. We can boast of success with our techniques that produce results in 1 single visit. And we guarantee our work!

Bird Removal



We solve nasty pigeon problems with innovative solutions that often employ "bird logic".  Our experience with pigeon removal has produced results that have lasted for decades.  We have rid some of Chicago's well known structures of long standing bird infestations.  Our long list of satisfied customers is our greatest testimony.

Termite Control



When it comes to termites, there no room for error. American Eagle has eliminated termites for many of Chicago's victorian mansions and other grand homes.  We have worked in every area of the city and have intimate knowledge of the city's infrastructure with its different structural faults and water tables   All these factors play a role in determining the right solution for a property's particular needs.

There are numerous stories of American Eagle being called in to solve termite problems  after some of the national pest control companies failed to eliminate more complex termite infestations.

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