Pest Control Related Consulting Service/Expert Witness

George Manning often is retained by entities to provide expert advice in the industry of pest control.

  1. Working first as a consultant to the Oak Park Health Department, and later as the Environmental Health Officer, brought Manning opportunities to express his expertise on the municipal level.
  2. Insurance companies have requested Manning’s insight as an expert witness as have home owners that felt duped by the sellers of property.
  3. Waste disposal companies have sought out his advice and expertise, as have communities sensing the negative impact of such an enterprise.
  4. Even the Sears Tower required Manning’s advice and consultation due to the large rat infestation that once occupied the fifth level of that remarkable building construction.
  5. Over the years, Manning was consulted by various television stations that requested his expertise in matters concerning pest issues.

George Manning’s continuing philosophy is represented in his belief that he can be useful through his belief that the truth should be one’s greatest defense.  With that belief, he has never lost a case for his clients who sought him out as their expert witness.

I Have Mice!

I Have Bed Bugs!

I Have Rats!