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Paul Donovan

Member: Paul Donovan
Categories: Animal Removal
Pest Control/Exterminating
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: March 07, 2014
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $405.00
Description Of Work: Diagnosed uknown pest problem (turned out to be a squirrel). Sealed opening where squirel got in.
Member Comments: I had evidence of a pest intrusion (items knocked over in the basement) but did not see or hear the intruder. Four days prior, another exterminator had diagnosed the problem as a rat and set rat traps. After four days of no results, I called American Pest Solutions. They arrived the next morning as scheduled. FIrst, two younger technicians came and they said they agreed the problem was a rat. They examined the property thoroughly to determine the point of entry. After a while, George Manning came to provide backup and guidance to the yonger technicians. He disagreed with their diagnosis and said I had a squirrel. He went to the attic and found an unscreened vent where the squirrel gained entry, and traced the path to where the squirrel went throug the wall to end up in the basement. They sealed the vent. Other than the false start witht he two younger techs, I was generally very happy with the diagnostic service.
I was hoping they would get the squirrel out of my house. They said to simply leave the back basement door open and the squirrel would leave as soon as it smelled the fresh air. They had me sprinkle baking soda on the floor around the doorway so I would see footprints as evidence of the squirrel leaving. This approach was pretty impractical, as I needed to leave the house and could not sit for hours and wait for the squirrel to decide to leave. I tried for an hour with no results. I then borrowed a trap from a friend and was able to trap and release the squirrel myself (which I was hoping to avoid).
Bottom line, I was very happy with the diagnostic service and with their fixing the point of entry. I was very impresssed with George's expertise, though the false start by the younger techs made me wonder about how well they would perform if in the future George were not on the scene for any reason. I was disappointed that they could not quickly and definitively get rid of the squirrel and that I had to do this myself. George explained that trapping is just not their approach and that they are not licensed to handle the animals. I understand this, and I trust his judgment that the squirrel would have eventually left on his own. As I mentioned, I did not have the time to wait for this approach to work and needed something more definitive. If I had it to do over again, if there were a company that would have had all the expertise and professinalism of American Pest Solutions and could have trapped the squirrel I would have used that company instead.

Company Response: Dear Member---

This was a difficult one to analyze. One had to negate every possible egress that a rat would have to explore in order to gain entrance to the home. It is true that my technicians were stumped on this one situation; however, they thought well about not proceeding with rat work and called me for a consultation. I was thankful that they did not conclude with a diagnosis where there was no proof that rats had gained entry to the home.

There were several droppings left by the , then unknown animal. this fecal matter was not really definitive; but did provide me with doubt that these were rat droppings. Fecal matter will often show the food matter consumed by the subject animal as fiber, meat/fat, or other.

We proceeded to the attic, checked for runway pass throughs to the basement, and confirmed that a squirrel had entered the building but could not return to the point of egress, and was somewhere in the building. The story goes on from there as the customer reports.

Let me repeat; our technicians were balking at a rat diagnosis, but were unsure regarding the droppings, and would not close the case without requesting a visit from me.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve,

George Manning
Consulting Entomologist
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Overall A
Price B
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Paul Donovan

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