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Susan Domagal

 Member: Susan Domagal CHICAGO HEIGHTS, IL 60411 Category: Pest Control/Exterminating Services Performed: Yes * More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed. Work Completed Date: September 23, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $189.00 Description Of Work: American Pest Solutions sprayed inside and outside of our home for spiders and centipedes. Member Comments: Ricardo was polite and professional. He explained where spiders like to make their webs/nests and showed us a few examples in our home. We were being overrun by spiders and had even been bitten a few times while sitting outdoors near the side of our home. One of our family members had a severe reaction to a spider bite, so we captured one of the suspects in a glass jar the day prior so we could find out if it was a Brown Recluse. Ricardo took a photo of it with his phone and sent it to his boss. Turned out it was a Hunter spider, but it was good to know what we were dealing with. Our house was sprayed around the outside perimeter and around all the windows and under the gutters and eves. Also, he sprayed inside around all the baseboards on both levels. The odor was faint and went away in a couple of hours. The good news is WE HAVEN'T SEEN A SPIDER OR CENTIPEDE SINCE!! We rest easier now and feel it was well worth the money to get this problem under control. The visit to the Urgent Aid Center and prescription of antibiotics needed when our family member had the bad reaction, cost approximately the same and getting rid of the problem. We will do it again next year if needed, and will call American Pest Solutions to do the job. Company Response: Dear [member name removed]--- You report is appreciated and we are thankful for this feedback. Our thanks also go to Angie's List for providing this format to publicize your results and your sentiments. Spiders are always present in a home; both inside and out. It is when you have such an overrun that bites are more likely to occur. All bites will cause a reaction; some inflammation and pain to some degree depending on the individual bitten. The area around the bite will become necrotic and after healing will often leave a tiny spot where skin will not grow. This will be difficult to notice in most cases; however, the victim will always point to the exact location as a reminder of the experience. We do not intend to magnify this chance occurrence. I have received bites while planting a garden. the results have been itching, slight stinging feeling for up to a day and then I forgot about the incident. Most people will have varying degrees of this happening. Not all spiders will deliver the same amount of their venom. Both centipedes and spiders inject their numbing venom. It is delivered with the bite to cause another arthropod to become immobile so that the spider can withdraw the body fluids from the host victim; leaving the prey absent of vital fluids and , of course deceased. No one wants to be bitten; however, the chance of receiving a bite is rare and mostly not an extreme inconvenience. Yes, recluse spiders are a serious problem, but if present in a home do not seek out humans or their pets. Again, the bite will be a chance occurrence. The same statement is true when referring to centipedes. They are not looking for a mammal to bite. What can be so called, "poetic justice, is that spiders will catch centipedes and centipedes will also victimize spiders. Maybe this has been to much of a response to your very welcome report; however, we try to enlighten the Angie's List seekers for helpful guidance, and never want to alarm them---just stating the facts as we know them. Regards, George Manning Consulting Entomologist 


Date of Posting: 28 September 2013
Posted By: Susan Domagal

Susan Domagal

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