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Allen Lindrup

 Review Date: August 30, 2013 Member: ALLAN J. LINDRUP CHICAGO, IL 60649 Category: Pest Control/Exterminating Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: August 07, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $205.00 Home Build Year: 1910 Description Of Work: Provided a termite inspection of all areas of the basement level, plus the exterior of the building, including the back borches Member Comments: The inspection was thorough. No evidence of termites was found. The only issue was the inspector's desire to shift the appointment earlier than scheduled, when we had another contractor present to do the annual examination and servicing of our building's boiler. When the inspection could not be shifted to earlier, it ended up being slightly later than the originally scheduled time. Share on Band of Neighbors: No 


Date of Posting: 18 September 2013
Posted By: Allen Lindrup

Allen Lindrup

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