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Margaret Moore

 Member: MARGARET MOORE DOWNERS GROVE, IL 60515 Category: Pest Control/Exterminating Services Performed: No Work Completed Date: July 31, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $1,800.00 Home Build Year: 2001 Description Of Work: I called to get a quote for termite removal to compare with another bid. The owner George Manning went out to the property and inspected at no charge. He told me what he saw then gave me a ton of advice on different factors related to the termite removal service and suggested that I don't do it until I drain away some groundwater beneath the slab. He said his bid would be in the range of the other service provider based on the size and the scope of the work. Member Comments: George was terrific. He didn't try to sell me on his services but instead gave me a really good picture of the factors I needed to consider to make a good decision. I didn't go with American this time but you can bet I will in the future. Great company! Company Response: Dear Angie's List Member--- It's always re-assuring to receive reports that indicate the degree of concern that we, as a company, have for our inquirers when they are referred to us by any means. Of course, we give high praise to for the chance to compete for member business. In fact, we pass our review form to all our customers so that they can comment on our work procedure as well as the results following our effort. This demonstrates our respect for Angie's List, and provides additional proof that our workmanship and expertise is firmly planted for all to read. No customer is ever required to become an Angie's list member; however, the reports sent in do benefit us, even if the reporting customer is a non-member, and will not be averaged in to our on-going rating status. What a great way to publicize who and what we are! In this report that you submitted, you do provide us a chance to teach readers; members and non-members about the termite elimination process. For this example, I did not recommend immediate service because the water table around the building was saturating the soil just under the basement concrete. Termiticide would be so diluted if a treatment commenced prior to correcting the water condition. Briefly, several commercial sump pumps should be installed and connected to a separate electric meter for billing records. This provides the building with a progressive account of water removal and will tell our company when we can do a proper termite treatment. For those who read these comments, and wish to ask me questions; let me provide credentials. I am a consulting entomologist and have been retained on numerous occasions when a termite generated complaint turns into a law suit. There are numerous places to read my responses to inquiries about any pest issue. A good place to read these answers can be found on Thanks for this opportunity to toot our horn and thank you for caring enough to report. Best wishes, George Manning 


Date of Posting: 25 July 2013
Posted By: Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore

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