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Member: David Huang

Member: David Huang Category: Pest Control/Exterminating Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: August 16, 2012 Last Modified Date: September 13, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $1,200.00 Home Build Year: 1994 Description Of Work: Inspect the house for possible entry point, place baits, seal the gap around the house and the possible entry points. Member Comments: This is an overdue report, but I want to make sure the mice problem to my house is solved. We have an issue of mice come into the house during the fall season. I placed the glue trap in the basement ceiling and captured about 2 to 4 mice every season. After my trap captured a family of 6 mice (mommy mice and 5 babies) one year, I finally decided to take care of the problem for good. I got the name from Angie’s List and the first inspectors came to my house agree with my suspicion that although there is no visible entry point into the house, the area under my backyard patio could be the entry points for the mice. Because the area is covered by the patio flooring, the inspectors placed plenty of baits in the area where he found mice droppings and ask me to call them back once I removed the patio flooring so they could do an inspection to the covered area. Since my patio deck has seemed a better day, I decided to replace the deck (but keep the frame). The inspectors came back after the deck boards got removed and gave me an estimate and an agreed date to seal the area; the inspector also place more baits after noticed that the baits placed previously got eaten by mice. The sealing crew showed up on time, placed cement mud and galvanized wire mesh to seal the gap under the sidings around the house. They also discovered a half inch hole under the chimney overhang (where previously inaccessible due to deck board cover) which they sealed it off with the wire mesh. I filled the hole with pest proof expanding foam to prevent cold draft during the winter. The whole sealing job took about 5 hours in one of the hottest day in late summer but the crew had good attitude and spirit. They also show me where the hole under the chimney overhand is. Different staff came out each time for inspection and estimate but they show up on time, very polite and professional. The inspector answered my questions and very knowledgeable about the type of pest in my neighborhood. It has been over one year since the seal job was completed and I have not seen any activity of mice in the basement ceiling area. The project seems to be a success and I keep my finger cross that is the case. Overall I am pleased with the American Pest Solution. The only complaint I have is that I get charged the full inspection every time they came out for follow up inspection and estimate. I think it will be more reasonable to offer discount on the follow up, especially since I hire them for the major project. Other than that, I am happy with my choice and I’ll recommend them to my friends.

David Huang

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