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Ramon Obregon-Cech

 March 25, 2013 Member: Ramona Obregon-Cech Category: Pest Control/Exterminating Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: February 02, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $400.00 Description Of Work: Extermination of bed bugs. Member Comments: Punctual, professional, informative and did an excellent job. will definitely use them again. Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes Company Response: Thank you for taking the time to report the service that you received from American Pest Solutions. There is so much publicity regarding bed bug infestations. hotels, apatment complexes, movie theaters, and transportation vehicles of all stripes are falling victim to this newest public pest threat. Bed bugs, true bugs, do not fly. They are entirely dependent upon host transportation. Suit cases, clothing, and various transportable objects may carry bed bugs to a new location. The term for carrying one organism by another to a new location, actually hitching a ride, is termed phoresy. Phoresy relating to bed bugs is the phenomenon that has produced this dramatic spread. Single stand alone residences and apatment buildings or commercial spaces with several units can be treated universally; however, multiplexes of all sorts are handled by reporting the BB presence to management immediately so that an action can be determined. a reporting unit is considered a target unit and must also expand attention to the immediate surrounding units, up, down, across the hall, and the corresponding public ways. Bed bugs will spread rapidly. Too many cases of persons carrying contaminated furnishing to the exterior of a building have spread the problem along the route to the exterior of the building. Others may take a mattress from the exterior location and adopt its use for their own dwelling(s). There are so many scenarios. We make every effort to destroy the bed bugs on a single visit. We do warranty our work. There are instances when we will want a second visit too; after which a guarantee is in force for a ninety day extended period. For anyone reading this response, we will accomodate any request for preparation for service, and, or responsibility for elimination directives. It was good of Angie's List to offer an opportunity to expound about bed bugs and it was equally appreciated that the time was spent to send in this report. Regards, George Manning Consulting Entomologist 


Date of Posting: 21 March 2013
Posted By: Ramona Obregon-Cech

Ramon Obregon-Cech

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