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Mathew Tegtmeier

 Member: Matthew Tegtmeier Chicago, IL 60631 Category: Pest Control/Exterminating Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: March 13, 2013 Last Modified Date: March 14, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $475.00 Description Of Work: Needed help. Day one: Left a message. Day Three: no response, called office left info with a call taker who indicated we'd hear back that day. Day Seven, still no response. Having provided no service - grade F. UPDATE: Issue: My wife and I just bought this house a few months ago, spent a week skiing and have had these black gnats in our bathrooms and kitchen. We tried the online suggestions of vinegar / get rid of fruit / bleach in the drains. All to no avail. Response from APS: Owner George Manning contacted me immediately upon my initial post. George and I discussed the issue in detail and a service call was scheduled immediately. George demonstrated both from his phone call and his visit that he understands well bugs and how to take care of them. He came out himself with another tech and provided the service. While pricey, we have been bug free since. George also addressed some other issues that might be roots of the issue with the city sewer system. He also helped my wife address a "dry drain" smell in our basement. Super helpful and super knowledgeable. Thanks.

 Application Company Response: Dear Member--- We saw your "F" report on when we were notified of the report from Angie's List. We checked to see why you had not been answered in a timely fashion. We learned that, I, George Manning, owner and consulting entomologist, did not pick up the inter-office memo. After seeing my failure to respond, I did contact you, the member, and offered to visit you in the company of several of our technicians. The service call proved fruitful for you and your family. We showed your wife the sinking curbs and sidewalks that were effecting your newly purchased home. We took pictures, which we provided you. We recommended that a civil engineer be contacted. We offered such a professional as well as an architect. We recommended that you seek an attorney familiar with structural litigation, and we offered to speak with you and these professionals, as well as helping you to draft a letter to the City of Chicago, who, we felt was responsible for the shifting foundation of your home. Finally, we did correct the fly problem that had invaded your home; a direct result of the municipal sewer system. We were happy that we were permitted the opportunity to serve your needs after having such a poor response to your initial call. Regards, George Manning Consulting Entomologist 


Date of Posting: 13 March 2013
Posted By: Matthew Tegtmeier

Mathew Tegtmeier

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