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Elizabeth Thompson

 Review Date: October 09, 2012 Member: ELIZABETH THOMPSON Category: Animal Removal Services Performed: Yes Hire Again: Yes Home Build Year: 1860 Description Of Work: They were able to remove a raccoon. Member Comments: They did a great job. They put the trap out and they were able to get him. They did take him away. The only complaint I have is that the guy that came had on either coveralls or a coat that absolutely reeked of skunk. He had to set the trap and come in the house and through a back bedroom. The smell stayed in the house and was horrible. I know the smells come with this business. The next day he came back and had the same clothes on. I would have thought that since he knew it smelled that he would have washed it. What they did was great and he was a great guy. 


Date of Posting: 12 October 2012
Posted By: Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson

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