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Dan Liberty

 Member: DAN LIBERTY Category: Pest Control/Exterminating Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: October 01, 2011 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $1,800.00 Home Build Year: 1900 Description Of Work: American Pest Solutions worked with me over a period of several months to eliminate a mouse infestation in a 16-unit rental property. This company is different from other extermination companies (that I've worked with anyway) because their goal is to eliminate the pest population altogether rather than reduce and manage it through a never-ending pest control maintenance program. Member Comments: First, they performed a thorough inspection. Then, they came back to seal exterior access points to the building and bait interior access points to the apartments and basement areas. For a few weeks, it seemed like the problem was on its way to being solved. Then the tenants started reporting evidence of a newly growing mouse population - seeing mice, droppings, or bags of bait that had been eaten. The guys came back, re-assessed the problem, and recommended an extensive exterior sealing plan that involved pulling up boards on the back porches and sealing under the threshold of each back door. This was an expensive fix but I had already decided I liked how they worked and trusted their judgment. After completing the new, more elaborate exterior seal, they re-baited each apartment, coming back several times to gain access to each apartment and re-bait as needed. Each of the guys that came out to work on the building was very knowledgeable about pest behavior and worked hard at the often difficult and dirty task of locating access points and sealing or baiting as needed. I also talked with the owner on occasion and found him to be a very thoughtful and honorable man. I highly recommend this company. 


Date of Posting: 08 September 2012
Posted By: Dan Liberty

Dan Liberty

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