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Dave Thomas

 BEES and more BEES, while the bees were nothing fun to have with a hive built between the 1st Floor ceiling and the second story bedroom floor, George was a wealth of knowledge and knew just what to do. I worked along side George all day taking the bee hive out and learning things all along the way. George very seldom put on a mask or gloves and after a few hours he had me handling the comb and bees without a mask or gloves. Working with George was like being back in school working with a teacher that loved the subject he was teaching and I can say that George actually loves the bees and treats them like his favorite pets. In the end, the bees have a new home with George, I have a bunch of Honey a lot of new knowledge about bees and the name and phone number of a Pest control service that I wouldn't hesitate to call again 


Date of Posting: 24 May 2012
Posted By: dave thomas

Dave Thomas

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