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 A few particularly rainy weeks ago, when raccoons ripped, dug & ate their way through parts of my roof, I had a problem and a bad leak. It was clear they were looking to bunk down for the winter in a den they were building in my roof. Good news came in the form of American Eagle Pest Elimination. They arrived within a few days of my phone call, checking in with me as the weather and their schedule permitted. They seemed knowledgeable, professional and courteous. The morning of the first availability, owner George Manning called to see if he could send a crew that afternoon. The two men inspected the perimeter of the house, including the roof top, gutters & flashing. They found two holes the raccoons were using, as well as hair and other souvenirs. They installed a radio on a motion device which is meant to frighten (or annoy?) the raccoons into abandoning the dens they made in my roof. The device will remain in place two weeks or so until the roof gets repaired. I also appreciated the photos they took of the roof and the raccoon damage. I can now share those with my insurance company. 


Date of Posting: 09 April 2009
Posted By: Louise .


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