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 George Manning is very well qualified entomologist and does excellent work. Although there were no termites in the house we were inspecting, he found other insects in the basement and could explain why they were there, which indicated possible problems with moisture and also problems with the drainage system as well. These problems were then confirmed by a general home inspection. Because of this inspection, we were able to better evaluate whether we wanted to purchase the home and pay for the repairs. This is not the first time we used American Eagle. We had a rodent problem in a previous home. George was able to identify the problem, determine the solution and we successfully eliminated the problem with one visit. We will continue to call George in the future because he does an excellent job and is reasonably priced. He will never ask you to sign a contract for continuing service. He will find the problem and fix it. 


Date of Posting: 09 April 2009
Posted By: Carol .


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