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 We had a problem with rats entering our building and had tried poisoning to get rid of them. This had only temporary success. We called American Eagle who first performed an analysis of of the building in order to locate the source of the rats. This involved camera work of the sewer system. This camera work showed several places where the sewer line had breaks in it which would allow rats to enter the space under the building. The camera work also showed rat activity so we knew in advance this the sewers were the source of the rat problem. Work began on schedule and continued for almost a week. It involved extensive excavation beneath the building and the rebuilding of the sewer line where the camera work had shown the breaks in the sewer line. The repair work was very professional, unlike the original work that had been done by the original contractors who had connected the new sewer lines about 12 years ago when we rehabbed the building. Places where the pipes were joined were permanently sealed. In addition the employees kept us advised all through the process of the work they were doing and also showed us evidence of rat activity. 


Date of Posting: 09 April 2009
Posted By: Richard .


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