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 The receptionist for American Eagle is very friendly and was able to answer preliminary questions for me. Their treatment is non-toxic, which I needed since there were several children and a pregnant woman living in the building. The serviceman, Rick, was equally friendly and explained the process to me and the tenants. In addition, he translated some information to my tenants totally unrelated to the extermination process. I had recently bought the property, they were moving out, and we had a serious language barrier! He did this graciously. I really appreciate him taking the time to do that. I did not see any cockroaches after the first treatment, but I still scheduled the follow-up appointment just to be on the safe side and since it was included in the price. I did find two cockroaches immediately after that, but have not had any since(it's been a month now)and none appeared in either of the 3 traps Rick set up. Perhaps they were the last of the bunch, either way they're gone now. 


Date of Posting: 09 December 2008
Posted By: Meaghan .


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