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 I used George's services about 5-6 years ago to eliminate squirrels in the attic and mice everywhere. At that time they did a very professional, extensive, and thorough job repairing the mouse entry points. They replaced drain tiles in the basement and installed one-way exit doors for the squirrels. The squirrels haven't been back, but the mice returned last year. Because of some communications problems, I didn't use George's services last year--big mistake, as the company I did use didn't really eradicate the mice. This year I contacted George. His technician came out, inspected for mouse entry and activity points, and put out some apparently very effective bait. I e-mailed the company (because of my job I'm hard to reach by phone) and heard back from both George and Maria promptly. George remembered our job from 5-6 years ago, apologized for last year's miscommunication, was eager to remedy the mouse relapse. Maria called the next day to set up a visit from Rick, but it didn't work on my end. Rick came out right on schedule the following week, did a careful inspection for mouse activity, and placed bait. He said he didn't find evidence of a lot of mouse activity, told me what to expect, and offered return service in 30 days,for an additional fee, which he was quite clear about. I haven't seen any mice since except for one very dead one in the hall. Maria called about a month later to see if we were satisfied with the service. 


Date of Posting: 30 September 2008
Posted By: Diane .


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