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Rats don't come inside because of sub zero weather







Chicago is not experiencing a greater cry for help regarding rats entering buildings than at any other time of the year.

Rats appear on the surface from locations where they develop community habitats over time.  They don’t just arrive like a bunch of thugs travelling up and down City alleys.

Rats are already settled in existing burrows and other cover that were already in use prior to the deep freeze.

Surface food is available in refuse containers that are gnawed into by rats seeking a regular meal.  The containers supplied by the City are not gnaw-proof.

That dog feces is a major food attractant to rats is false.

True dogs will not digest corn, soy or other fillers in Kibble. Rats can be attracted to undigested dog food fillers, but not as a priority over garbage made available in alleys, sewer, and elsewhere.

Reproduction will slow down in sub zero temps but not altogether.

Rats do not travel in packs as some are lead to believe.  They venture forward individually at dusk to dawn by preference.

A female will be reproductive in ten to twelve weeks from birth, and have an average of seven young in her first litter while already expecting a new litter. 

Unless rats are repeatedly targeted for extermination both within City

Sewers and on the surface, the reproductive rate will override any kill program.

Placing signs on alley telephone poles does nothing to eliminate rats when little is done and moreover only occasionally revisited.                        

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