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 9316 S. Baltimore Ave
Unit A
 Chicago, IL 60617 
1961- 1961 - Graduate studies in Entomology, Purdue University
1955 - 1961 - Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Major - Entomology, Purdue University
1957 - 1958 - United States Army Reserves – Active Duty
1964 - Present - Consulting Entomologist, Chicago, Illinois 
Internationally experienced consulting entomologist.
Developed techniques that have placed his company at the top of its field in single visit pest elimination work. 
Diagnostic skills in the field as of consulting entomologist..
Expert witness assignments in continual winning position for consulting clients (45 legal cases to date). 
Illinois State Licensed - Pest Control Technician.
Sear Tower consultation of large rat infestation of the fifth level of the building.
Expert in all phases of wood destroying organisms, and their destructive manifestations upon structures, ongoing bed bug conditions, and rodent problems not yet resolved real estate disclosure oversights, and many other problems that have not yet been corrected.
Developed legal understanding and in depth analysis in the areas of entomology including bed bugs, urban entomology, pesticides, pesticides and biocides, wood destroying organisms, termite claims, termite damage, termite damage consultant/expert, termite damage investigations, pesticide/insecticides, public health pest control.
Advised and consulted public television, municipalities, and universities in pest mitigation procedures.
1981 - Present  - American Eagle Pest Elimination. (Name changed in 1981), Chicago, Illinois
1964 - 1981 - American Pesticide Services Inc.
Founder and CEO.
Angie's List's Super Service Award for 2008,  2009, 2010, 2011,2012,and 2013. 
Structural remedy against urban rats with guarantees as long as three years against reoccurrence.
Animal evictions including squirrel, raccoon, skunk with one year guarantees against reoccurrence.
Exclusive non-trapping animal techniques.
Specie, ecology and behavior experts with emphasis on single application techniques.
Demonstrated success includes:
Pesticide approval from lab to field trials to EPA registration. 
US patent for rat bait station with all 17 claims accepted.  
Advised and consulted public television, municipalities, and universities in pest mitigation procedures.
Provided infrastructural guidance to municipal governments.
Supervised health and environmental concerns for different municipal entities.
Provided expert witness to numerous agencies and private citizens.
1981-1983 - Rocon Industries Chicago, Illinois
Developed and manufactured rodent elimination baits.
Designed and fabricated a rodent. multi-feed, bait station. Patent received by U.S. Patent Office.
Advised 43rd ward Alderman Martin Oberman regarding municipal infrastructural rat issues.
Comprehensive photography of rat issues depicting infrastructural deterioration. 
1970 - 1973 American Environmental Consultants, Chicago, Illinois. 
Founder and CEO. 
Air and water pollution analysis.
Industrial BOD, COD and suspended solid analysis and reporting to meet industrial standards.
1958 - 1961 - Cochenower Pest Control, Lafayette, Indiana 
Assistant Manager
Pest control technician in the field.
Office duties including scheduling, customer service and collections.
1961- 1964 - Anderson Exterminating Company
Technical Assistant/Technician
Pest control technician in the field.  Training of others in general office duties included customer service, pest control and technical information gathering.
Marketing - Multi-media Marketing - Account Development
Research - Competitive/Strategic Planning - Problem solving  
Consulting - Direct Mail Marketing - Creative development 
Created, designed and developed three entrepreneurial companies with top rated performance service work in areas including entomology, pest control, environmental standards and recommendations. These companies have received honors for model work in innovation and invention in their discipline and field of study.
Illinois’ first environmental consulting firm with state successes through its endeavors.
Candidate for the Mayor of Chicago in 1977 with platform of environment, infrastructural development and an equal opportunity posture. 
Candidate for Alderman in 1981 on issues of environment and public health.
Provided the leadership in infrastructural demands that contributed to preventing the development of a 580 acre land fill site on the shores of Lake Michigan.
  1. 2010-11 Multiple  rat articles citing George Manning’s opinions on rats and mice.
  2. 2007 “The Rat Man” – The Sun Times, Chicago, Illinois
  3. 2007 Present New York Times Company. - “All Experts” Daily Question and Answer Blog. (900 questions)
  4. 2008 Senior Life News, Dee Dunheim, Reporter. “60 years of Beekeeping, is One Mans Lifelong Passion”.
  5. 2008 WTVF - Channel 5 Chicago, Illinois,  “Chicago Rats” – Carol Marin, Reporter. Expert interview.
  6. 1982 WBBM - Channel 2 “Common Ground” – Rat Issues Warner Sounders, Reporter
  7. 1980 Pest Control and Technology Magazine. “Structural Damage By Rats”. Expert testimony.
  8. 1978 WBBM - Channel 2 “Two on Two” with Bill Kurtis. Investigation of “Rats in the Sewers”
  9. 1974 WLS - Channel 7 “Super Rats” with Diane Sawyer, Reporter. Expert interview and investigation. ”
  10. 1977-79 Lakeview Lerner Booster – Multiple articles on infrastructure rat activity of Lincoln Park district of Chicago.
  11. 1974 Chicago Reader – “The Private War of George Manning”. 
  12. 1970 Chicago Magazine – Interview. Topic: Rats.
Dec. 13, 2013-True Religion Sales, LLC,  plaintiffs v. Nina Willoughby Hefferon,defendant; Dykema Gossett  PPLC; Charles A. LeMoine & Melonie J. Chico; 312-876-1700;Constructive eviction caused by Failure to remedy a continuing rat invasion of commercial premises


Nov. 28, 2012- State of New Mexico,  County of Santa Fe, First Judicial District, Timothy & Barbara Leach
Plaintiff. V. Ashford TRS Sapphire, LLC d/b/a Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza Hotel;
No. D-101-CV-2012-00878;  Bed bug litigation

Sept. 22, 2011 -Dalton v. Smith and Del’s Pest Control; Court # 06 L 0165; Date of loss: 10,25/2005
Urgo & Nugent, LTD, Denise N. Kruse; 630-653-0123  & Jerome C. Shapiro;  815-939-7150                       
Refer to file # FKK-1941— Termite malpractice litigation


March 7, 2009 - Belinda M. Woods versus Warren J. Nickel and Josef Harmata
Case No. 2007-L-010648. Jury Trial Demanded --Termite infestation
Contact Kara E. Martin, Jenner & Block 
July 28, 2008 - Expert witness/Consulting Entomologist
C.J. Vassar, Group General Manager/ APL Logistics, Romeoville, IL 60446
Infestation of Bostrichid beetles/species identification and expert testimony.
Phone: ( 815) 372-I 9 63  Extension 33
February 27, 2007 Jennifer Salems versus. Kenneth Webster, Donna Webster, and Michael Allan & Associates
Case No. 06 L 0358 Bench Trial--long standing carpenter ant presence in newly purchased home. Seller did not disclose.
Contact Brian Stephenson, Cummins & Associates, LTD,
Phone (312)464-9840
April 6, 2005 - Hernandez vs. Trujillo
Court No. 00 CH 10262, Claim No. 68353I-203
Contact Attorney John F. Pacocha; Nationwide Mutual Insurance
Company, witness for insured in malpractice case. 
Phone:  (312)917-5265
2003 & 2004  - Wallrab. Capenigro & Associates
Witness for several termite inspection issues.
2003 & 2004  - John Pacocha, Attorney
Witness for 2 termite malpractice cases
June 8, 1999 - In the Matter of the Arbitration between Village of Oak Park, Illinois & International Association of
 Machinists and Aerospace Workers,AFL-CIO, Local NO. 8 - Unjust Discharge - Patrick Bushell
Expert Testimony
November 20, 1989Serritella versus Haberkorn
Case No. 89 L 1 13 16
In the matter of lack of disclosure to inform the presence of termites
Phone: (312)990-4880
Fax: (312)990-8833
1989  - Oak Brook Firm, Oakbrook, Illinois
Witness for firm representing a family that had missed diagnosis regarding termites.
1982  - Committee Opposing World's Fair Site of 1992
Opposed plans to install a 580 acre 1andfil1 at the end of Meigs Field to house the 1992 World's Fair. My expertise was infrastructure pertaining to sewers 1983-1984.
1982 - Expert Witness representing committee opposing the plans to install 580 acre
Landfill at the end of Meigs Field to house the proposed 1992 World's Fair.
My expertise was infrastructure pertaining to sewers; years i983-1984.
1981Estate of Michelle Honey. Appeared on behalf of the Honey estate in the death of Ms. Honey by anaphylactic shock, attributed to honey bees. (I have been a beekeeper since 1951) The estate was awarded $258,000 on the strength of my witness. 
Industrial Commission No. 8IWC45522.
1976  - Leona Sullivan
Ms. Sullivan's land was being confiscated by the Village of Oak Lawn because she refused to remove her pasture. I identified 76 native plants growing on her property and witnessed against the Noxious Weed Ordinance of 1976.
1977  - Hoving & Son Waste Management
Designed a waste facility making it impossible for rodents to reside within the plant. This did go to the zoning board for approval. It was denied 
1974  - Channel 11 Public Television Station, Chicago Illinois 
To address the restaurant sanitation issues. Was personally a part of the development of
the State of Illinois, Food Licensing Ordinance of 1974.
Consultant in the undercover restaurant sanitation Investigation sponsored by public television's channel 11, which ushered in the Food License Ordinance of 1974 for the State of Illinois.
1973 - Town Building and Development Inc. versus Perlrnan and The Deli, Inc.
 Case No. 72EH2574
Violations as they embrace environmental health. Mr. Manning was retained by Town Building as witness to environmental of violations of dangerous to occupancy of The Deli, Inc.
Areas of expertise as qualified witness in entomological, zoological, botanical and environmental referenced conditions of sanitation and health.
1972  - Danielson Meat Packing
A sausage and chili producer. Designed a state of the art cooling system that separated fat from water and beef fat from pork fat. 
The City of Chicago, Department of Sewers and the Metropolitan Sanitary District were on the verge of closing down Danielson unless they could meet the COD & BOD Plus Suspended Solids Requirements. Obtained the necessary permits and testified on behalf of Daniels. The system was approved.
1967  - Beverly Community Council.
Opposing a waste management application to set up in Chicago's Beverly Community.

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