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50 years in business


It has been an exciting run.  I was 29 when I told my dad that I wouldn't’t be joining him in his business.  It took me a few days after leaving his New York City office, while back at home in Chicago, shaving in the early morning, when I spotted a full grown cockroach running up a pipe that was about two feet away from my head, to make my decision.  I crushed it with my forefinger. That was when I called dad and told him that I was staying in pest control and opening my own business.  The date was August 29, 1964.

Dad has passed on, and I’m no longer a young man, but I often wish that he and I could now share in our independent professional experiences.

You our public, who depend upon that cumulative knowledge, are benefiting from that experience that developed our company’s direction and resolve to become a problem solving company as opposed to remaining a so called preventive maintenance outfit.

 We did not start this way.  We also provided maintenance; however, over time we learned that typical visits were not always needed, and our customers had to be resold on our providing regular visits.  After all we were able to get the job done in one, two, or three consecutive service calls.  In addition, we took the challenge of providing lengthy warranties against pest recurrence.  Clients knew that they would not be bound by contractual visits and we knew that we had sworn to succeed or be held to our commitments at no additional fees.

 Simply stated, we were no longer a bread and butter system.  If the phone didn't’t ring, we didn't’t have work.  It is vitally important that we get this message out to anyone that wants an immediate solution for their pest problem.

In celebration of our 50th year, we are offering a $50 credit against all services that are priced over $225.  This is a onetime offer, one per household, and cannot be applied to any subsequent fees that might be included later or combined with any other coupons or offers.  This offer will run for a full calendar year through August of 2015.  It is important that a client asks for that credit, since it will only be viewed on our website’s home page.

Best of pest free living,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist




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