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Tiny black bugs- Flea Beetles

Dear George,

I live in Nevada and have been infested with some type of tiny black bugs, They are through hout my gravel, dirt, etc, and travel over my cool decking around the edge of my pool and eventually end up in the pool. When I look at them up close they appear to look like some type of mite?? I will try to get pictures up later. Can you Please help!


I have only seen flea beetles moving in mass once.  I saw this and thought to mention it here.  Unless I see a specimen, and according to the description that you send, I am restricted in what I can tell you.

Flea beetles are difficult to kill.  They have no natural predators.  The black flea beetle, Phyllotreta cucumeris, might be the culprit.  They are found in crop lands, also in Sudan grass.  It is possible to migrate from this grass or from crops.  The adult beetle will feed on leaves, and their larvae feed on root systems.

See if the hind legs are larger than the first two pair of legs.  The larger legs are built for jumping.  You are welcome to send a specimen to me at 9138 S. Baltimore, Chicago, Illinois 60617.

Best regards Thelma,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Chicago Pest Control

Exterminator Chicago

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