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Termite Control


Termite Control

Confusing info from multiple sources!  Five-year-old house in Alabama, ranch style, one level, slab foundation.  Chemical saturation for termite control during construction.  Now facing questions on renewal of bond.  Liquid barrier treatment with all the trenching & drilling?  Or perimeter baiting, as with Dow’s Sentricon?

Frankly, the annual renewal prices appear to be more like insurance premiums against unlikely loss, even if inspection and re-treatment were never done.


Answer: Termite Control

Hello Frank:

Your correct about renewals.  They represent a form of insurance. Has an inspection uncovered new termite presence?  If not, just continue qualified inspections.  If a condition is discovered, then you might approach a new treatment.

Sentricon or other similar baiting programs have value but probably not within the field of your original termiticide pretreat.  As an area monitor against resurgence, you could simply monitor with two inch pbc tubing plugged at bottom, drilled 3/8 inch holes at random along an 18 inch length so that termites can enter the tube within which you have inserted a clear red or white pine stake, then inserted in the ground, leaving an inch of tubing exposed above soil level.  Place around house at 10 to 15 foot intervals outside of the chemical margin. In your part of the country, termites would attack the monitors within months of the application.  Where attacked, you could insert an IGA treated cardboard filler, shaking into tube those termites found in the monitor stake.  Your choice to deal with a termite company hence.  Dry wood and Formosan termites are an additional threat.  Good inspection is not a waste of money.  Your treatment was against subterranean termites only.

Contact me again if need be.  I am sorry for the delay.  I've had a siege of day and night activity that kept me away from your proper answer.  Hope I've been helpful


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