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Termite chemical question

George Manning cc Category: Pest Control Private: Yes Subject: Termidor Question: Hi there, I have a question to the safety of Termidor, it says on their website that its low toxicity however, i am terrified of chemicals.. What's worse is that i have already had my home that we are building pre-treated with Termidor, what they did was we had the footer dug, (we only had concrete blocks on the footers, no concrete slab just dirt crawl space, anyways, it has a garage and there is footer that runs across the inside of the house as well so kinda like you divided it in half and put an extra middle footer, only closer to one side, ok with that said, the pest guy sprayed all of the footer, and the concrete guys came out and poured concrete in the footer, all EXEPT, they left out about a three foot wide area in the footer for a crawl space, and 16 foot for the garage door, (they wanted to wait until later to pour the entire garage floor) so there was two openings and the 20x20 garage that was treated and left to the elements. This scares me. It is still not covered over with concrete, and is pretty far along in the building phase. The garage was eventually poured, but still didnt cover the termidor spray at the end. and of course we have the bare termidor sprayed crawl space. well now they are working on the plumbing and hvac, and they are going in and out of that crawl space going through the termidor tracking it into my house im presuming, as theres dirt everywhere, and im scared silly.. do you have any suggestions? Thanks :) Answer: Termidor has a high mammalian toxicity, meaning that it would take much more than other pesticides to register harm to human and animal. If the product was carried in on one's shoes, the residual time that traces of termiticide would be present is short in duration. there is little concern for toxicity in this case. Termidor has a long presence in soil. Termites do not detect its presence, and therefor, when travelling through soil, termites make contact with the poison without realizing that they are being contacted by the killing agent. I would say that it is entirely possible that termites will pass from a treated area to one that is untreated, and in so doing, become disoriented and will die. The manufacturer is claiming that you have only to treat one side of a bearing wall to kill off their presence Best wishes CC, George Manning Pest Control Chicago

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