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drywood termites

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There are numerous transparent wings (5/16") scattered near and on the window sills in the mornings, there is tiny black excrement on the wooden window sills piled in the corners, there are a few tiny brown (~5/16") worms or larva seen occasionally.  We live in Gainesville, Florida.

It sounds as if you are experiencing the winged forms of a Drywood termite infestation, as well as the droppings that appear from the excrement of the worker termites.  When the reproductives swarm, they will lose their wings eventually.  This appears to be a recent, but not current swarming of the reproductives(alates), since you do not write that you see dark colored creatures moving about in that window sill.  The fact that you've seen lighter colored creatures, could be that you've spotted several workers.  The droppings may be the termite feces dropping out of the infested wood.

please google the following termite specie:

Dampwood, Drywood, Formosan, and Subterranean termites.

Let me hear from you again,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

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