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Possible Bed Bugs

possible bedbugs

Hello. My spouse is currently traveling in China and is due home in 2 days. She has received quite a lot of bug bites while sleeping and we're concerned that the hotel might have bedbugs. What can we do to prevent the bugs from infesting our home? Are there any products I can buy at a local store or do I need to order something special? She hasn't actually seen any of the bugs, but she's getting bitten at night, mostly on her legs, and the bites are small and red. Thanks!

Bites on the legs are not the usual location for repeated bites by bedbugs.  Fleas are the more likely repeat leg biting condition; however, don't rule out the possibility of bedbugs.

Bedbugs regurgitate blood and leave blood spots on bedding.  They develop to adults by gradual metamorphosis so the young can be quite small; however, most stages are large enough to see if ones feels their bites; fleas can be more elusive biters.

Your wife could use a repellent such as tea tree oil while in China.

Upon her return, examine all the luggage and contents before entering the house.  Launder everything, check shoes, books, and other objects.  Finally, spray the home with a pyrethroid insecticide.

If you can't locate a supplier in your area, you might contact the supplier linked to our website.

Let me know further developments, and good luck Lynn,

Best regards,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

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