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Bedbugs in my apartment



I have bedbugs in my apt.  I got a use mattress over 7 months back and apt management says bedbugs have come from that mattress.

Question 1---  Is it possible that the Mattress will contain bedbugs but will not start showing up and/or biting for 7 months?

Question 2 --  I see a very high concentration of bugs near AC vent (Central AC)  as well as corner of wall and ceiling. Is it more likely that the bugs have come from the vacant apartment above me

Thanks in advance

Hello Budo--

The answer supplied you by Jule was correct.  If you can show ownership that you had no bites until recently, you can correct their misunderstanding.

There is a federal health requirement that enforces building ownership to act immediately when a problem such as yours exists.  It is certain that your State and Local health departments will enforce owner action to eliminate this bedbug condition.

You must e-mail or write them of your condition and demand immediate action to eliminate bedbugs from the entire building.  It might help to inquire of other tenants as to who is experiencing bites, and/or seeing these creatures in their units.

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