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Bed Bug Question

Bed Bugs

I went to the dermatologist and was told I have bed bugs.  I have since torn apart my apartment and haven't found any.  The mattress have been steamed twice, curtains, I've pulled the bed apart... looked in the nightstand table, vacuumed the table out... still nothing.  I want to get rid of them naturally, if possible.  How dangerous are the pesticides.  If I go with pesticides, how long do I stay out of the apartment?  What about my clothes?  Could bed bugs live on my clothing?  I am in a panic... what do I do?

Bedbugs over-engorge blood from the host.  This occurs while someone is sleeping.  Blood spots should have appeared on sheets where the bugs were feeding because they burp up some of the ingested blood.

Using one of the insecticides from the class known as pyrethroids would be a way to go.  This is not an easy job for the occupant.  It would be more reliable to hire a professional, who must guarantee complete elimination.

If you are living in a multiunit building, you should notify management regarding your experience.  The responsibility for treatment will be building ownership.  Bedbugs spread rapidly and could have arrived from other apartments via plumbing or radiator line floor or wall passthroughs or back to back apartments and across the hall.

People travelling, are bringing these true bugs back with them.

The chemicals will not require you to stay outside your apartment for more than several hours.

Good luck,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Pest Control Chicago


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