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more drain flies...

more drain flies...

You answered a drain fly question on 6/15/08.  The question sounded so much like our situation that I thought my husband sent in the question.  We also have had this problem for 3 years.  They appear to be mostly in the laundry room where our hvac system is also.  We have treated all drains with a variey of products and also used a fogger.  We have never seen any flies coming out of drains.  In fact, we cannot see where they are coming from.  We are killing 20-50 a day now.  The hvac tubing sounds like another good avenue to try.  Do you have any additional suggestions for getting the drain treatment/pesticide into the tubing?  Anything else we might try?

Change the HVAC tubing so that the slime mold is arrested, or remove, clean and return.  the floor drain may not show actual flies, but if you shine a flashlight in the drain, you may see shimmering on the water surface where the fly larvae are developing.
If your laundry overflow line, which is seated in a copper or plastic 2 inch drain line is nearby; this may contribute to the overall condition you are experiencing.  In addition, ejector pumps that are fed through plastic lines, even drainage lines, could be another breeding ground for these flies.

When this is the case, the fungus known as slime mold must be mitigated with a product known as Drain Gel, or DF-5000, blended with an emulsifiable pyrethroid such as Permethrin.

I hope I've passed on useful information.  If you are still having problems, recontact me and we'll "brain storm" further.

Best wishes Mike,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist


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