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Great Big Flies

Expanded Question:

I have great big flies all over the front and back of my brick home here in Va.Beach and when I open the front or back doors I have to always watch so they won't come in the house. What can I do to get rid of them.


Sarcophagids, known as flesh flies, will often hang out in certain spots such as outside stairwells, corners of a building away from direct sunlight and wind.  These flies are attracted to carrion where they lay their eggs which emerge as maggots that feed on the flesh of the demised.  A fan will keep them away.  Spraying the walls with a pyrethroid such as "Suspend" will destroy them.  Their presence should not be continuing anyway.  In the heat of the day, they find your location.

What has been the situation in past years?  Be guided with your past experience.

Regarding preventing their entry into the home, the use of screen doors will; be helpful.  Seal cracks to prevent their crawling inside from the collection spots where they are resting.

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Best wishes Pam,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist


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