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Expanded Question:

I have a major problem with fly's coming out of hibernation at my house and what could i get to spray to kill or get them to leave for good.


These questions have been answered for previous questioners, but I'm having difficulty locating them because the subtitles are not clearly showing the question - sorry.

I'll guide you to further information, but if you wish, I'll spend more time with you.  For now, I'll give you information that will guide you further.

You seem to be referring to one of two species or even both.  These are known as cluster flies or possibly face flies.  the former breeds in earthworms, over winter in sheltered places and emerges in the Spring, making you aware of their presence.  The second breeds in cattle dung and emerges to pester the faces and eyes of cattle.  Again, you become aware of their existence when they attempt to exit to the outside but also enter the inside from the walls.

In Fall spray the south and west sides of your home from top to bottom with one of the pyrethroids such as flumethrin or Delta.

This can prevent access to points within the buildings interior.  

At this time vacuumed them up.  Sprays and powders can be responsible for causing secondary pests like carpet beetle, and larder beetles, which can live on the mass dead flies.

Google these two fly species and a third, which is known as flesh fly.  In addition search my answers.  They are not titled.

Please contact me again if you require additional information.

Best regards Gary,

George Manning


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