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Drain Flies

I have had a problem with drain flies for the past 2-3 years.  I am sure that I have identified them properly, but we can not find their source.  The congregate in our laundry room.  We have tried cleaning the floor drain, running hot water, sealing any cracks along the floor, covering the drains, but nothing seems to help.  I do notice a correlation with the timing of our air conditioning.  They began about a week after we turned our air conditioning on and go away soon after we turn it off in October.  Is there something we are missing?  How can we get rid of these things?

Slime mould builds up in drains, condensate tubing such as you have on your hvac system.  The flies originate in the public sewer and find their way into your home where there are ideal conditions for propagation.

I'm presuming that you are calling Psychodid flies, drain flies.
These are small flies which, when resting, have a shape appearing triangular with the wings folded tent-like.

DF 5000 in drains and tubing will destroy the mould.  You can include a Pyrethroid insecticide such as permethrin mixed with the DF 5000, or DrainGel.

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