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What is the best time of year to spray for ants?


Ants in House
What is the best time of yr to spray inside and outside of ants?  We have a problem with the small black ants all yr long.  We have a 2 yr and if there are crumbs left on the floor, a few hrs later we have a bunch of ants. I'm ready to pay someone to treat our house but not sure the best time of yr.

Answer: Ants in House

Dear Colleen:
It would be helpful to know where you live.  There are so many ant species that invade homes, their habitats can vary, their food preferences vary, and their colony reproductive rate can be a factor.  Multiple queens as opposed to a single queen per colony could be a factor in going about the business of eliminating a given ant source.

Test your invaders to see to what class of food they are attracted.  As a carbohydrate, try honey or cool aide powder; strawberry or raspberry flavor.  As protein, try powdered yogurt or actual the real thing.  Try powdered egg.  Experiment with such food as peanut butter or crisp, dry, minced bacon.  From the information gleaned, you can contact your local pesticide supplier or pest control shop.  They will be able to recommend several baits that you can try against these ants. Unless you are in a warm climate, ants will not be active out-of-doors, and exterior treatment will be unnecessary.  Ants, active indoors in cold, winter weather, are living inside, within wood, or between stud plate and studs behind drywall, below the concrete floor near a basement furnace where the concrete stays warm.  Look for sand or soil piled up along a wall where a concrete floor exists.  Look at spider webs that are constructed at the base of windows or at concrete/wall corners where webs exist.  Spiders consume ant body fluids and trap the ants in their webs.  You may use bait in such locations where the walls are not so cold that ants will not currently be present.

In warm climates, you can sprinkle a granular pesticide that will slowly degrade. Sprinkle over ant hills, door thresholds at the crack along the outside of the door.  Sprinkle the product along the exterior perimeter of your house.

Spraying may disperse ant colonies.  In some cases colonies with many queens will scatter, multiplying the infestations.  Unless you hire a professional, stay away from indoor spraying.  Contact me for further follow up questions.  I'll be able to help.

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