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Tiny Ants


Tiny Ants

Dear George,  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I live in a slab house that I purchased over the summer. I have tiny ants everywhere. The kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms etc. I have used ant traps and spray in the areas that my dog does not go. But, the ants come right back. I think they are coming thru the foundation. Its 15 degrees outside and I still have them Its driving me CRAZY!! What can I do that will be safe for my dog and get rid of them for GOOD??? Sincerely, Cheryl

Hello Cheryl:

Your floor may be radiant heated, have below floor hvac ducts or possibly have radiators.  All these systems keep concrete warm and allow ants to remain active, even when the outside temperature is 15 degrees.

Probably Pavement ants, Tetramorium caespitum(Linnaeus), are the ants that are appearing all over your floor.  You see worker ants foraging for food.  When they find a satisfactory food, they will place down a pheromone trail that others will follow.  If you have exposed food stuff such as dog food, you may be supplying their immediate need.
Reduce such opportunities while you start the elimination process.

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