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Leaf Cutter Ants


Leaf Cutter Ants

Is there an effective way of preventing them  [leaf cutter ants] from destroying a plant?  I am not into chemicals if they can be avoided as we have a dog and for environmental reasons.  I live in Guatemala and the leaf cutter ants are playing havoc on some of the bushes and trees in my courtyard.  Any help you can give is appreciated.  Thanks


Answer: Leaf Cutter Ants

Natural approaches that you might use are as follows:

Spread wetable sulfur powder over the mounds and water in.  You can use Rosemary oil soaked into the mounds.  Obtain a product known as Eco-EXEMPT IC that contains 10% Rosemary and 90% of a combination of wintergreen oil plus mineral oil.

There is a vine known as Tanaercium nocturnum, Bignoniaceae, where when scrapings are applied to the top of the mound, ants are killed instantly.  Google all the above information to locate sources to obtain the suggested material.

Leaf Cutter Ants collect vegetation, in order to compost within their mounds, a fungi which the ants require as their food substance.  No fungi-no ants.  Much research is being done on this subject.  Colonies produce upwards to a million ants.  Such numbers can defoliate an entire grove.

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