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Big Ants

Expanded Question:

I live in eastern Canada (Quebec).Last summer I noticed quite a few large black ants in my kitchen cupboards and in the bathroom.  I used traps and poison which kept them at bay however they would always come back.  In February and March this year I noticed quite a few large black ants all over my house. I don't know where they are coming from.  What can I do about this now.  I'm afraid that if I wait until spring, I will have a huge problem.  Please help.  Thank you.


When you are seeing large black ants in February and March, they area living within your building. This is the time to be applying a protein bait such as the product known as Advance Carpenter ant Granules.  At this time, ants have no source of food but what they are finding within your house.

As the day length gets longer, the queen produces more eggs, and the demand for food for her and the young larvae is increasing.  From the bait, the ants will make a pap that will be fed to the young larvae.  The bait that you place where you can see the ants collecting , will be the location that you should be baiting.  Dogs and cats are highly attracted to this product.  It is extremely diluted, and can't hurt animals or young children, but you do not want to lose the bait that is intended to kill the ants.  Bait will be carried away over night.  You should continue to place bait until ants are not taking it.  The product is stored in the colony and is gradually converted into the pap that will destroy the colony.

Somewhere in my list of questions, you will find a more detailed answer to Carpenter ant questions.  Go to our website at www.pestproblemssolved, where you will find additional answers to your questions.

Contact me again if you need additional information. 

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Lorraine, thanks for your inquiry. 

You can let me know if I've been helpful.

Best wishes

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Pest Control Chicago
American Pest Solutions


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