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Birds in Soffit


Birds in Soffit

George:My soffit is hanging down and birds are making a nest inside the soffit. I can reach the soffit from inside my attic. Is there a repellent that I can use to get rid of the birds, so I can repair the soffit? Thanking You In Advance Bob

Answer: Birds in Soffit

Greetings Bob:

What you describe is doable but will require persistence to follow your template approach, specifically eviction and exclusion.  There is a product, with several trade names that can be Googled for your detailed information, the active ingredient is methyl anthranilate, a bitter, smelly extract from concord grapes.  Spray this material into the void that birds are using.  You may want to repeat the application several times.  Dust the interior area with a product known as DeltaDust to wipe out bird mites that may be left behind when birds are gone, and may invade your household.  Following this application, attempt to remove the nesting material before repairing the soffit.

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