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Bird Nests on Air Conditioner

Bird nests on second story air conditioner site

Hi,George.   How can I deter birds from nesting around my window a/c unit on the second story of my home? I've had the nests removed, but they come right back.  It's disturbing my son who tries to sleep, but can't due to the sparrows.  What can I do?

Second floors are a handiperson's job with the use of a ladder.

The a/c unit should be kept protected by placing 1/2 inch nylon netting in front of the unit.  Stretch wire around all four sides of the window at the outer most portion of the window space.  Fasten the netting via eye hooks so that the netting has equal tension from all points of the prepared wire.

If you need to service the a/c unit, make sure that you are able to easily unfasten the screening when necessary.

You may not be aware of histoplasmosis, a fungus picked up by many bird specie from the soil.  The dust from bird feces can be carried into a sleeping room while one sleeps, and infect the lungs.  There are cases of death from such a situation.

I recommend that you read up on this common and ever-present fungus made available by bird dung that becomes airborne.

Flock birds such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows are the worst offenders.  They carry the fungus but do not die from it.

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George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

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