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Brown Recluse Infestation

Brown Recluse Infestation

Hi George,

I am writing to ask you some advice for control and eradication of Brown Recluse Spiders in Tennessee. A new hire in my department recently moved here to Tennessee into an apartment complex with his family. After one week, there was a Brown Recluse outbreak throughout the majority of the complex, including his unit. Since then, he has found over 30 Brown Recluses in his unit alone. They are moving to a new apartment complex but are very concerned about the spiders remaining in clothes, furniture, and especially upholstered furniture. Do you have any advice on how to make sure they are gone from thier belongings without being bitten? Any and all advice is very much appreciated! Thanks for yoru time!

The first thing that comes to mind is that you could place all belongings that you suspect having BR spiders in a refrigeration unit.

You can create this by placing a window air conditioner unit within
 one room and allowing the room temperature to drop to 23 degrees for a period of 72 hours.  Naturally, the temperature will not be permanent, and walls, ceilings and floors should not be effected; however, the aftermath of the venture will be a great deal of condensation.  Windows and doors plus a house fan or a dehumidifier will clear this condition at that time.

I'm visualizing belongings being moved to this room so that one can go through belongings without fearing bites.  The room should be sealed at doors and windows so that human entry is possible but when doors are closed, no escape by spiders is possible.  In addition, place glue boards at locations where spiders will move about at night.

Go through the basement and crawl spaces with a sprayer that will fan spray walls floors and ceilings.  Do not re-enter these areas for 24 hours.  When reentering, use a powerful shop vac to vacuum every conceivable hiding place, cracks, crevices and voids.  Before emptying the contents of the shop vac, use several ounces of DeltaDust to further assure that spiders captured are killed.  Just vacuum the powder into the shop vac.

Once you have processed belongings through the cooling cycle and then moved the contents to your new location, be certain that the new home has been treated with Suspend SC and DeltaDust first.

As an added caution place glue boards throughout the new home as a test to see if spiders have been eliminated from the old residence.

This may sound like over-kill but your chances of complete success could be obtained this way.

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