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Black Widows?

Question ok, i know i'm going to sound paranoid, but when i went down to my basement today i swear to god i saw a black widow and her mate in a corner. it was jet black and had a red hour glass mark nd was about half an inch. now i'm freaking out b/c i heard they were REALLY poisonous, nd i can't afford to be rushing to the hospital. what do i do? do we have to leave the house? it doesn't seem like an infestation, i only saw one, but what if it laid its eggs, pardon my language, but are we screwed? Answer Spiders are not always easily killed with insecticides unless you make direct contact with the appropriate pesticide. why not get into the habit of vacuuming up these unwanted critters. You can be effective with widow spider removal, using only the vacuum cleaner. You can follow with a 1/2 teaspoon of DeltaDust to rid the vacuum cleaner's spider content. Black widows are somewhat retiring. but are not different than other spiders that you want to remove. Find them and vacuum them up is the surest way to freedom from fear of being bitten. Best wishes Sheila, George Manning Consulting Entomologist American Pest Solutions


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