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American Eagle Pest Elimination d/b/a American Pest Solutions 


American Pest Solutions, has been in business under the direction of its founder George Manning, for over 50 years.  Servicing public, commercial, and residential customers throughout the greater Chicago area, American Pest Solutions has become known as Chicago Pest Control Expert.   Manning is a world renowned entomologist who regularly consults various projects, and is often retained as an expert witness.  He is also known as Chicago’s foremost authority on rats, and has frequently appeared on local news and in local newspapers in features about the city’s ongoing war with rats.


The American Pest Solutions team consists of two primary divisions.  The General Pest Elimination Division and the Eviction and Exclusion Division; each have specific skills pertaining to their applications.    Both teams have been trained by George Manning and employ his proprietary techniques.


GPC Division


  • Bedbug Elimination
  • Roaches, spiders, etc.
  • Mouse control
  • Rat control (no corrections work)
  • Residential GPC
  • Regular Commercial Accounts


Corrections/Exclusion Division


  • Rat Exclusion
  • Squirrel Evictions
  • Raccoon Evictions
  • Bird Removal
  • Bat Removal


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