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Black Widow Spider

Black Widows

Hello my name is Misty and I live in Ga. very close to Savannah so it is very hot here. I am trying to do some research on Black Widow Spiders. We bought our home when it was under construction and a bout 4 months after we moved in we started seeing the spiders between our vinyl and stucko. Wesaw 5-6 then. Last summer we had our house sprayed and the exterminater said while he was spraying there were 4 he spotted? This year has been horrible I know my husband has killed 9 and I have killed 4.. We have 3 small children and this scares me.. What should we do and should we be worried?

Thanks in advance for the help..


Try drilling small holes in the stucco and flushing the interior space with a combination of silica gel and diatemeceous earth. In addition, use an insecticide that is encapsulated. spray on both outside and inside surfaces. This is a job for your exterminator. Let me know.

Regards Misty,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Pest Control Chicago Exterminator


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