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small holes in my lawn

small holes in my lawn I live in Vacaville, California. My backyard lawn has small 1/4" to 3/8" holes and around the holes the grass is dead. These holes are only in one area. There is no mound of dirt around the holes, just a clean hole. The holes look like someone drilled in the ground. I have tried the normal bags of lawn pest controlers for many months with no help. I used a detergent / water solution on the area and what looked like a pincher bug came out of the soil. Only one bug, There is about 8 to 10 holes. Thanks for the help Larry Holes of the size you describe can be attributed to the emerging holes drilled upward by annual or periodic cicadas. If there is no soil around the holes, this may be your problem. the holes will eventually fill in. Are you seeing very large wasps flying around you when you are in the yard? If so, you are seeing Cicada killer wasps. These creatures capture cicadas to feed their developing larvae. They are not social wasps. they will dig holes but you will see a horseshoe pile of dirt around their burrows. Let me know if this makes sense. Regards Larry, George Manning Consulting Entomologist Pest Control Chicago


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