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Small brown excrement found in kitchen drawer?

Expanded Question:

We have found small hard brown bits in the draw where we keep our knives an forks. At first we thought it was something that had fallen in the draw (like pips).  We cleared it up, however it keeps reappearing.  We can not see why any pest would be drawn there as there is no food. What do you think it could be?  We can not see how it would get in.


Small brown excrement may come from mice even though you have no food there.  Not knowing where you reside, I have no clue as to what species of rodent is leaving droppings.

There are some large roaches that leave fairly large dropping also.

You can mail this scat to me at 9138 S. Baltimore, Chicago, IL 60617.  I will be able to I.D. the creature by viewing this evidence.  

Thanks for your inquiry Andy,


George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Pest Control Chicago

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