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scratching noises

Question: A I live in San Antonio, TX; a brick home with one hardiplank wall in the backyard. For the last month, we have been hearing scratching noises in the corner of our bedroom wall where the bricked wall meets the hardiplank. Sometimes it sounds like something is playing with an electrical wire and other times it just scratches and there are sounds of debris or "pebbles" falling down the wall. This noise is the loudest in the morning around 5-6AM, but I have noticed it in the afternoons around 3-4PM and occasionally at night around 2AM. Sometimes the noises are loud while others I can barely hear them. On June 17, 08; my husband removed a board from the area where the hardiplank and brick meet (one corner of our bedroom) as there was a large gap big enough for a mouse to crawl through. He sealed the gaping space and replaced the board and caulked it. He also put poison in the attic for this critter and on July 4, 08;we heard noise in the attic and believe it dropped the poison down inside the wall, which landed near my side of the bed (the opposite side from the scratching noises) and jolted me awake. The scratching in the wall continued for a week after that which prompted me to call a pest company. They came out, sealed the outside of the house/roof, found what was considered the entry point on the roof and set traps in the attic. A week later, we still hear the noises in the wall and the traps are not sprung. Our rodent technician doesn't believe it's a mouse or rat, but a mechanical problem. He believes this because he says there are no droppings in the attic, no paw prints and on the outside of the bricked wall in our backyard, there is a fuse box, cable box, water meter and natural gas line. The gas line comes across our bedroom wall diagonally and goes up to the attic for our Heating Unit (our AC is electric). He asked me to tape record the noise and keep notes of days/times we hear it. He really wants to know what this problem is, and we have paid for his company's service/warranty for a year from now. Any suggestions about our pesty noise? Could it be a mouse that has found a way in that our tech missed? We are the original owners of the house, which was built in 2000; and we've never had any noises like this before. Answer: Roof rats can be secretive, and unseen. Voles can be completely hidden, and behave as you describe. Raccoons will leave rub marks on surfaces where they squeeze into an opening. hair clinging to a surface can help in identification. The clues you offer are provocative but not enough for me to help. Being in Texas, you may have some creature that I'm not familiar with. I'd suggest that you may have a squirrel problem, but the 2 AM is too early for them---they're still sleeping. Mice can be noisy but will give themselves away as they seek a food supply. Contact your State Forest Ranger Department. The company you retained , should do the research. Let me know Darla, George Manning Consulting Entomologist Pest Control Chicago


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