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pest droppings

Pest droppings

We have found our garbage spilling over a bit in the morning (located under the sink) and this morning we found two--3/4-1" droppings- thin tubular with rope-like texture. Not glossy, no hairs or other fibers sticking out of it. This is in southern California. We weren't sure if it was a rat...but from the pictures I looked at of rat droppings it wasn't a real match. And, I assumed that they would leave more droppings than just two. We do have a garden near to our house...but have not noticed any nesting- Any advice you can offer will be appreciated!
Thanks for your help.

Did you take a picture of these droppings?

Rat scat will be shaped very much like olive pits. Texture could be rough or smooth depending on diet. Roof rats (Alexandrian, fruit rats, and other monikers for the same rat species), could appear slightly different than the norway rat (sewer rat, barn rat, alley rat, many names for the same creature).

Sounds like some rodent could have done this. If you can tell me about supporting info such as sounds, time of day, missing garbage content; could be useful.

Look for a spot where garbage content could have been dragged such as below a couch or under and behind kick plate of cabinetry.

Please get back for further discussion.

Regards Michel,

George Manning
Consulting Entomologist


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