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Pest called a springtail

Pest Control --

Springtails in Scottsdale, AZ

I have identified a pest called a springtail.  What method can I use to get rid of 
them?  They look like a very small ant, but are not like ants and ant poison
doesn't work.  Is there something I can use in my house.  I can't find them in the 
garden of my condominium except rarely.

Springtails have a tiny appendage which is folded below the tail end of the abdomen.  when the creature unfolds this appendage it is propelled forward in a springing action.  This insect is placed in the Order Collembola.  Its habitat is always within a humid area such as upon windowsills where they will feed upon algae,and fungi. 

Moist places such as drains, decaying vegetable matter overly wet soil of potted plants,cork insulation, are examples of indoor sustainable springtail locations.

change the environment with a fan blowing over the pest sites.  Dehumidifiers, air conditioning are all helpful in elimination of such a culture.

Outdoor locations can be mulch, loose debris, cement expansion joints, and with some specie, actual live plants.

They do no significant damage but can annoy the housewife, who manages the home, finding these creatures obnoxious.

One can spray surfaces where springtails abound with one of the pyrethroid insecticides of choice.

Our website is linked to a supplier should you not locate one in your
immediate area.

Best regards,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

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