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Mysterious Droppings

Mysterious Droppings

I've noticed small, black droppings on the outside walls of my condo. I'm wondering what leaves droppings on a vertical surface? I live in Pensacola, Florida, if that helps.
Thank you.


Bats will often leave droppings on a vertical surface; especially below a point of entry to their abode. Look for emerging bats at dusk, as they swiftly tumble out and take wing.

Droppings can be crushed into a dust that contains insect parts. Tremendous energy is required for bats to remain air-born all night , catching thousands of insects; therefore, their food becomes a rapidly digested, energy sustaining "fuel".

One should not attempt to evict and exclude bats during the period between May and August, since young bats, not yet on "wing"and will be trapped inside their enclosure. Dead bats can attract scavengers such as carpet beetles, larder beetles, flies, and even fungi.

In removing bat guano, one should take precautions to prevent inhaling dust that can contain histolysis and rabies.

Techniques for ridding a home of bats can be found on the web.

I hope that I have been helpful Angela,

Best wishes,

George Manning
Consulting Entomologist


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