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Mulch is being employed by landscapers to a point that becomes counterproductive

Hi George thanks for the service. We live in Eastern US - Pgh, PA to be exact and recently I had landscaping done in front of my home. We have a vinyl home. I noticed the one large mound of soil the landscaper put in to create a mound touches my home in a 12 inch area against the vinyl siding. So it is mulch directly against the siding in about a 12 inch area (12 inches long by maybe 8 inches high). This area is then covered in mulch and rocks and a small tree. My concern is should mulch go up a house or even touch a home made of vinyl? I am concerned of any insects living in the mulch and then just tucking themselve into the vinyl and coming on it. I realize realistically an insect could get in anyway but does having that mulch butt against the house a dangerous thing? Thank you!

Mulch is being employed by landscapers to a point that becomes counterproductive.  Most mulch is being adapted for use from ground up tree material.

Your concern is valid.  When vinyl covers the bottom skirt of your sided home, it permits moisture retention, mold development, composting which produces added warmth for invertebrate life, encourages termite development, acrobat ant introduction, and may counter the soil requirements of certain plant specie.

If a mulch is desired, find one that does not produce these negative characteristics such as cocoa bean shells or volcanic lava rock.,

George Manning

Consulting Entomologist

Chicago Pest Control and Exterminator


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