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Morgellon's Disease

Getting bitten but cannot seen the culprit I have spent a fortune on trying to figure out what is biting me. We have had 4 different pest control companies here, and I am still getting bit. They told me to go to the Dr. The bites happen mostly in the evening when I am sitting on the couch, but have gotten bites in other places in the house. I feel the bite, but I never see what it is. I have taken a lint roller over the couch and carpet, but do not see anything, even got my sons magnifier out and could not see anything. The bites are always consistent in their shape. Feel the bite, bump appears sometimes red, becomes itchy, scratch the bite, and the top of the bump peels off and it looks like a small hole in my skin. The bites take forever to heal, and they can become very itchy more after the initial bite. Some bites are bigger that others, but the bites are mostly on my upper body, arms , back of neck , face, but lately they are biting on my legs and stomach and back. I have bombed the house, used Cutters insect repellent and tried all kinds of other things. I have been researching the Internet and still do not know what could be biting and you do not see them. None of the pest control companies is used know what it could be, they treated for fleas, bed bugs, mites etc,. Please help, Thank you. Morgellon's Disease is sometimes described by many of the symptoms you are reporting. Since no one has been successful in locating a problem, and since you are the only occupant experiencing these symptoms, I offer you the Wikipedia reporting, which is quite detailed, and may be helpful. Best regards, George Manning Consulting Entomologist Pest Control Chicago


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